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Our Position on Uber and Lyft

Posted 8/17/2016

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Since ABC Cab Company has been in business we have strived for the best safety, on-time reliability and fair pricing. In the past two years has seen a drastic increase in ride share companies such as Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. These companies are labled as technology companies instead of transportation companies. They do this so that they may skirt the laws and regulations for each state in the United States. Many of these drivers drive their own cars without proper commercial insurance (Uber and Lyft state they have a 1 Million dollar insurance policy).

Who's Driving you.org   States their stance on this as (From their website):



We are an initiative of the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA). TLPA has been the leading source of for-hire vehicle industry knowledge since its founding in 1917.


Whether Uber and Lyft are referred to as “ridesharing” or “Transportation Network Companies,” the simple truth is that these companies provide for-hire transportation services. Understanding the methods by which Uber and Lyft undercut for-hire vehicle safety—via inadequate insurance, background checks and more—requires knowledge of the for-hire transportation industry. ‘Who’s Driving You?’ explains the safety components Uber and Lyft are evading and why they are vital for the wellbeing of passengers and communities.


These companies have been catered to by our city officials and big business. Many local politicians have been bribed to let these rideshare companies stay in business in Tucson. I personally have witnessed many things they have done to honest working people such as use surge pricing to make their money. Taxis do not do this.

If you read Who's Driving you's website the proof is all there and much of what you hear in the news is on this website. Safety is a big concern when choosing a transportation company to get you to where you need to go. There are some Taxi companies out there that are sketchy at best, but not as sketchy as the ride share companies. 

The Laws and regulations for Taxis and transportation companies , for example in Arizona are as follows:

Taxi and Vehicle for Hire Information

So you see , Taxis are a legal comodity for all of Arizona and across the United States. There are laws that govern what we do. There are laws on how Taxi Companies are supposed to operate.

In Closing, We at ABC Cab Company welcome the competition, however if they do it legally and are licsensed  properly and follow the same laws that Taxis do.

Just be aware of your safety and do your homework when it comes to these rideshare companies.

Thank you for your attention.